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Minutes is a fun Dashboard timer

The Minutes Dashboard widget is a beautiful and very handy little tool to have on your Mac. This little timer is a pleasure to use and integrates perfectly on your Dashboard. Simple yet elegant in design, Minutes offers four different designs to...
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  • by Anonymous

    Beautiful but limited.. This widget is very simple to use and looks beautiful and general. You can connect the widget with iTunes and make it play or stop playing when the timer runs out. In the beginning I was confused as how to use the widget, but it didn't take me very long to figure it out. The widget a couple of functions, but it feels a bit limited. You can set the time at whatever time you More

  • by Anonymous

    Works nicely, but stops my itunes playlist. I want to be able to play music in itunes, set the timer, and have the timer interrupt the music, then resume the music. As it is, it seems to stop itunes entirely. Pros: Can pick a variety of sounds, including my own wav Easy to set Remembers most recently set time after the timer ends. Cons: Stops itunes instead of interrupting it or playing over it More

  • by Anonymous

    How about Minutes for iPod Touch?. Simple and effective. Easy to start; jangling alarms (that cannot be ignored!) and the most useful timer I have owned. Thanks. Any chance of making n iPod Touch equivalent?